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This website is under construction, some features may be out of order. Please note that we have now changed our name from RadioPlay to OnlineRadio, which means that we can be found at

Verified Station

Stations will be verified if we believe that there may be stations with similar names that may mislead listeners, they will then be marked with the following mark (Verified Station). We also verify stations where we have in one way or another been in contact with employees or owners who have been able to prove ownership of the brand.

Get verified:

Do you want your station's profile page to be marked with the mark (Verified Station)? Contact us at from an email address belonging to the domain address of the station in question and ask us to verify your station, however, do not forget to attach the link assigned by us. An example of an email address might be

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the station to be verified.